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Achievements dont unlock

StanleyCup CAPS
Posted on 30 April 19 at 22:28
CheshireMulisha said:
The 3 that have been marked as glitched have all been unlocked in the last week by somebody. Does anybody know if there was a patch?
Just read this thread to know what the deal is.

The patch/update is what broke this game. It is still possible to get all achievements IF you don't ever turn the game off. When you turn the game off it resets the counters (memory, if you will) which is why those 3 (and should be a 4th one also - for killing the two dragons) achievements are flagged.
Posted on 02 May 19 at 12:56
messaged the person who unlocked the achievements. English isn't his first language, but this is what he responded:


In the first sorry for my english.

I can unlocked the achievements just never switch off my xbox.
You can close the game in the xbox dashbord.
The explorer achievement is little buggy. I got this when arrive in the Abbey of the Fallen Moon in the whitemarch dlc (PART 2).
For Super Murderer achievements you must finish the game .
For The Storied Adventurer achievements you can farm the mission. You MUST save the game before get an adventure missions (Turn 7). You can't change next (Turn 8) but the adventure mission (Turn 16) is possible tu change.
Nick S Admin
Nick S Admin
Posted on 02 May 19 at 13:16
There is no patch yet. The unobtainables can be achieved in one sitting. The tag is wrong, but there is no tag for one sitting achievements laugh
Posted on 02 May 19 at 16:07
I've made a post in the aforementioned thread in the Paradox forums requesting an update. Hopefully my ask holds a bit more weight since my profile indicates my significant investment in Paradox titles on PC for many years (but I won't hold my breath)...
Dale Baldwin
Dale Baldwin
Posted on 03 May 19 at 17:21, Edited on 03 May 19 at 17:23 by Dale Baldwin
A title update is now available. Anyone been able to test if the achievements now work as they're supposed to?
Posted on 03 May 19 at 22:39
Just tested with The Watcher With Eight Friends, loaded a save at Dyrford Village and picked up Grieving Mother, no achievement. There doesn't seem to be release notes yet, but doesn't look like it's fixed anything, at least with this one.

Really hope it's not a "You have to start a new game" type of fix.
Nick S Admin
Nick S Admin
Posted on 04 May 19 at 09:38
Is this the patch we all have waited for?
Posted on 05 May 19 at 21:45
Daaamn I wish I had read this before doing the stupid 15 level dungeon and beating the Adra dragon by the skin of my teeth. Great game but will be leaving a sour taste. Will be following this thread hoping for updates.
O Natalense
O Natalense
Posted on 04 June 19 at 10:50
Astariah said:
Great I just bought this game when it was on sale couple months back now this website marks those achievments as discontinued , thx alot TA
Highly unfair of you to blame TA, they cant just flag an achievement as unobtainable because a couple of people said they cant get it, it needs some tests and an investigation, it takes time.

Anyway, I also got pacifism instead of super murderer and didnt get the exploration and killing the two dragons. To hell with this game, I would gladly try everything again but load time is just unbearable.
Nick S Admin
Nick S Admin
Posted on 12 June 19 at 17:41, Edited on 13 June 19 at 13:01 by Nick S Admin
Anyone tested anything in a NEW game after the patch? Im currently doing a new run. I need a lvl5 adventure to meet the requirements for the achievement but Im quite unlucky in this playhrough.

Edit: The patch doesnt work on new game as I finished the game with 2000 enemies defeated and didnt get the achievement.
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