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Swinny Costello
Posted on 25 December 18 at 00:45, Edited on 25 December 18 at 09:13 by Swinny Costello
Hey everyone. Here's some tips that might help for the bigger achievements. I might turn some of these into actual guides with a bit of cleanup/elaboration.

Big thanks to the RPG Insanity forums, as they had a lot of helpful info out there... one of the only places that had any info at all actually.

Full disclosure - Since I saw there was some grinding ahead, I did the dirty and purchased 2 boosters (2xdamage, 2xEXP) for this game. So please keep that in mind with my tips below - although I honestly don't think it mattered all that much, since this game seems a lot easier than other Exe-Create games difficulty-wise.

First off - the good news: if you've completed AH1 or Fernz Gate, you already have a pretty good idea of what's involved in completing this one.

The bad news? Not much really - but there is an achievement for getting 280 treasure chests, so compared to previous Exe-Create games, you might want to keep a personal tracker. There are 308 in the game, so there's leniency.

Are there missables?
From what I can tell - there are no missables in the game, except potentially the True/Happy endings (see Endings section). However, if you don't use your Holy Stones (menu shop currency) and Guild Coins (earned from Arena and dispatching buddies) wisely, you could potentially make your life harder.

Holy Stones
- I only used Holy Stones for Secret Presents (to raise trust for the endings) and Treasury Keys (to open treasuries in towns/cities). At the end of the game, when I only had plants/buddies to do, I did buy some Accelerators with my spare holy stones
- Thankfully, grinding for EXP/Gold (see Weapon Lv999 section) also nets you a small, but steady amount of Holy Stones as well.

Guild Coins
- You can use these to buy character-specific trust items, but I didn't bother - since the Secret Presents from the menu shop seemed to work much better. However, it's an option if you've run out of Holy Stones.
- I used Guild Coins to buy the Heavy Jewel and Spike Jewel to get treasures in each area - however, it's possible that you don't need them (see Treasures section).
- Metal Jewels (3000 coins) are useful for grinding for EXP/Gold (see Weapon Lv999 section), however I just used one I found elsewhere (may have been a drop from a safe). If you can't find one anywhere else, then it might be wise to buy one from the guild coin exchange.

Similar to AH1, there are Normal and True endings. However, unlike the first game - you don't have to unlock each character's individual endings by raising their trust. Instead - you have to get ALL their trust levels to 200 to unlock the Happy ending (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I am not sure if having max trust for all characters will make the True ending missable, so just in case - don't max out trust for everyone until you've beaten the true last boss once.

So, basically

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

How to gain trust?
- First of all, use this guide for in-game events (thanks Most Useless Person Ever!)
- There aren't many events and I only skipped one... which means you should be safe to do all the events without maxing all character's trust.
- You can check the trust level of a character by using a trust item. Save before using the item and reload if you just want to check the level of everyone without wasting the items yet.
- When falling down the hole near the beginning, choose Nadia, since she starts with a lower trust and needs the boost
- Save your holy stones for purchasing Secret Presents - you'll need them to get everyone to max trust easier
- You can also buy character-specific trust items from the arena exchange shop for 500 guild coins, so if you run out of holy stones, that's a backup option. They appear to give a much smaller amount, so I stuck with secret presents.
- You might also need to get Celine's trust maxed out, which you do by collecting stuffed animals in each town/city. These are usually in houses/inns, but there may be some in the castle rooms as well. I actually had Celine's trust maxed when I first beat the true last boss (got her ending), so I don't know if you need to get every single one.

Asdivine Hearts IIGold DiggerThe Gold Digger achievement in Asdivine Hearts II worth 14 pointsCollected 50 treasure chests.

Asdivine Hearts IITreasure SeekerThe Treasure Seeker achievement in Asdivine Hearts II worth 28 pointsCollected 100 treasure chests.

Asdivine Hearts IIMaster CollectorThe Master Collector achievement in Asdivine Hearts II worth 49 pointsCollected all 280 treasure chests.

This doesn't appear to be missable (Hooray!!!). It's also easier than it seems.

The RPG Insanity forums (thanks Most Useless Person Ever!) have a good partial list of treasures from the first 2 worlds, but is missing treasures from the last world (Riveria):
However, the 3rd world only has about 7 locations, so it's not too difficult to clean the remainder up yourself using the Treasure Searcher items (see below).

I used the partial list to mark off the treasures in each area as I went through.
- Some treasures can't be collected without special jewels (Spike Jewel to move freely across ice, Heavy Jewel to walk freely over arrow tiles), so you'll need to backtrack a little to pick these up once you've purchased them with Guild Coins from the arena exchange shop.
- Other treasures require the trust abilities of your party (Felix to fit in holes, Stella to cross gaps, Uriel to read stones, Nadia to break rocks). Once you've raised each party member's trust (required for achievement), then you can backtrack and get these treasures.
- You will also need certain Quartz items to unlock doors in Arnolt Temple and the Forgotten Village, which nets you number of chests.

These extra items/trust abilities may not all be needed however...

There are actually MORE THAN 280 chests (Records screen shows 308). Which means that you don't actually need to get every single treasure chest, just 280 of them. That was a huge relief for me when I popped the achievement at 280, as I was worried that I'd miss something.

Lastly - you can buy items called Treasure Searchers from the shop, which tell you how many treasures remain in your current area. This is an awesome feature - so if you can't be bothered tracking items, you can just buy a heap of these at the end-game and go to each area to clean up.

Asdivine Hearts IIBusybodyThe Busybody achievement in Asdivine Hearts II worth 80 pointsCleared all subquests.

There are 15 subquests in the game - all very simple. I don't think any are missable, but you might want to clear them out as soon as they start appearing in the towns just in case.

The last quest is in the Forgotten Village, and requires you to visit all other settlements (pink map dots) to collect teddy bears.

More info here:

Harvesting Plants & Dispatching Buddies
Asdivine Hearts IIPickerThe Picker achievement in Asdivine Hearts II worth 13 pointsHarvested from a planter 10 times.

Asdivine Hearts IIHarvesterThe Harvester achievement in Asdivine Hearts II worth 31 pointsHarvested from a planter 100 times.

Asdivine Hearts IIPart-TimerThe Part-Timer achievement in Asdivine Hearts II worth 14 pointsDispatched buddies 10 times.

Asdivine Hearts IIBusinessmanThe Businessman achievement in Asdivine Hearts II worth 32 pointsDispatched buddies 100 times.

The Garden feature unlocks pretty early. This is similar to Fernz gate's system where you can plant seeds or dispatch buddies (to earn guild coins).

I highly suggest working on Buddies right away, since they can take 3 hours real time to come back then re-dispatch, and I couldn't figure out how to "cancel" them myself. I'm sure that manipulating the Xbox One clock will probably work here, but I didn't bother. You can use Accelerators to instantly complete both dispatched buddies and plants, and you'll earn a bunch throughout the game. You can also buy packs of 12 Accelerators for 100 Holy Stones - but they are better spent on Secret Presents to max character trust, unless you've completed everything else already.

Plants only take 10 minutes to grow (basic stat seeds), so I left this for my last achievement.

Weapon Lv999
Asdivine Hearts IITrue CraftsmanThe True Craftsman achievement in Asdivine Hearts II worth 51 pointsSynthesized a weapon to level 999.

This is the "grind" of the game. Thankfully EXP/Gold grinding can be done at the same time, and you might also want to be around Lv700+ to defeat the boss of the secret arena. Again, disclosure - I used a 2xdamage booster, but I also beat the boss before I had a Lv999 weapon)

The weapon upgrade system works identically to Fernz Gate. While I'm not sure if this is the most efficient method, this is the way I got this:

Once I was around level 100, I set my Zack/Felix team with the following rubix and skills:

Any team should work - but I left it as Zack/Felix.

-- Acceleration Jewel (so they always goes first)
-- Gold Jewel (Gold earned up by 20%)
-- Metal Jewel (Higher chance of metal enemies)

Destruction spell
This is a super OP unison spell that hits around 50/60 times, and makes the metal enemies go down easily. You might not get the critical first try every time, but the odds are pretty good. The unison spell requires the combination of Dark Matter/Mini Big Bang
-- Mini Big Bang is a Void magic spell
-- Dark Matter is a Shadow magic spell
These spells can be learnt by equipping the Shadow Jewel α and Void Jewel α, which are both available for purchase at most end-game shops. I'd get these equipped ASAP on Zack/Felix once you get them, so you can learn the spells quicker.

Grinding areas
There are actually a lot of options for grinding areas in the game. I used the "Mushroom" islands below Arnolt temple on the Asdivine world map, but this topic has a bunch of areas:

Bump up the encounter rate in the menu to double, or use an Attract Jewel (battle every step) if you have one to make the process quicker.

Basically - as soon as the battle starts, cast Destruction with the Zack/Felix team, which will generally wipe everyone out instantly. The metal enemies will often max out your EXP for the battle, and you'll go up 7-10 levels at a time. You'll also get a shitload of Gold - which is what we're after.

Once you can easily beat the enemies, bump the difficulty up to something you're comfortable with, which increases the rewards and makes the process easier.

How to level up your weapon
I didn't spend a lot of time finding an optimal way to do this, so I'm happy for anyone else to chip in with a more efficient method.

Once I had max gold, I would bulk purchase the Oblivion sword from the Forgotten Village weapon shop, and upgrade Zack's weapon with all of them at once. There's diminishing returns on how many weapon levels you'll get each time, but this thankfully caps out at 999 weapon xp. Basically - after that 85 Oblivion swords would get me about 10 weapon levels a time, at a cost of 2.7 million gold.

I would Rinse, Repeat until I ran out of money, then farmed again. It took me about 3-4 hours in total, but I also didn't realise that I could increase the difficulty to make this process quicker until the end. That would have cut down the time dramatically, since some battles on Expert would net me 7 million gold.

If you have spare Holy Stones, you can also purchase gold multipliers to make this go quicker, but they're expensive. As mentioned earlier, I used my stones for Secret Presents instead.

Anyway, I hope that helps people. Feel free to ask any questions and I'll try to help.
Posted on 25 December 18 at 05:25
Wow, that goes beyond a few tips into pretty much a full guide! Cheers for this!
Swinny Costello
Posted on 25 December 18 at 09:12
No worries. I didn't cover the battle arena stuff, since it's straightforward. Also - the boss of the secret arena is pretty tough. However - as I had some boosters, I didn't feel right to provide tips on beating that boss. It shouldn't cause too many issues for people, especially if you grind out the Lv999 weapon first.
Posted on 26 December 18 at 02:20
Swinny Costello
Posted on 26 December 18 at 03:17, Edited on 26 December 18 at 03:26 by Swinny Costello
I just expanded/edited a lot of this info into the relevant achievement guides.

The Lv999 weapon achievement does also need an optimised solution, so I'm hoping that someone will replace mine eventually with something better.

There are a couple that I don't really have a good "solution" for (arena achievements, combo/damage achievements), so it would be great for others to contribute those over time (glances in the direction of Mr Pants Party laugh).

To be honest, the combo/damage ones came without trying once I was using the Destruction unison spell. The arena ones are self-explanatory, and only the secret arena boss could be considered challenging if you're Level 700+ after grinding for the Lv999 weapon achievement.
Posted on 07 February 19 at 18:54
a tip for the 200 hit Combo ?
Swinny Costello
Posted on 08 February 19 at 08:50
BurnNotice89 said:
a tip for the 200 hit Combo ?
It's been a little while, but I think I got it with the Destruction spell. Sorry I can't be more specific.
Posted on 08 February 19 at 19:19
Swinny Costello said:
BurnNotice89 said:
a tip for the 200 hit Combo ?
It's been a little while, but I think I got it with the Destruction spell. Sorry I can't be more specific.
Ok thanks
Posted on 09 February 19 at 18:16, Edited on 09 February 19 at 18:21 by BurnNotice89
I have done it with the Spell Mini Big Bang equiped
with a Hitman Jewell and a Quadrupler Jewell
Posted on 09 February 19 at 21:08
Use a bunch of multi hit gems and do the challenge where you just keep attacking against madame curie im the secret town or whatever. Doesn't fight back.

I hit over 500 pretty fast. Wasn't even optimized.
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