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Advice on leveling to access drukari dlc

  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 27 December 18 at 02:21Permalink
    I can't access anymore missions after the 900 still place or w.e shit. I can't craft anything have nothing i can do. How the hell do i hit 1500 power level to do these missions. Seems ridiculous. I love the game but tired of farming for nothing.
    Obtained the shadows rushed me.
  • jackanapejackanape1,025,946
    Posted on 02 January 19 at 09:42Permalink
    To hit 1500 power you need to fuse legendary gear (orange stuff) into other legendary gear to raise its power. This is how I did it for the initial level cap, but it's been raised since the new DLC was added so it may be a bit more work now, but this should be a good guideline.

    First of all try and hit the level cap, just do Priority Assignments or any regular mission on the highest difficulty you can for more XP. You can also use the rare items from the vendor for 50% more XP on three missions (if you ever get them).

    Once you hit the cap you want to do the Tarot Missions, again at the highest level you can (using the tarot where you aren't allowed to die - as that gives you the best chance of orange drops). You can also do the higher levels of Warzone for a decent chance of Legendary drops as awell. Repeat this with as many fate points as you have until you have a level capped legendary bit of gear for EVERY slot. Then go to the crafting menu and take all of your older, lower level orange gear (you probably have a bunch from doing this) and fuse them into the stuff you are going to use to raise them up to level 120+ (think it varies depending on the gear. Once you've done this in every slot you'll be at 1500+. If you got yourself to the NEW level cap then I'll assume you'll be even higher.
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