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Xbox One S Audio Issue

Posted on 27 December 18 at 19:36
I currently have an issue with a new Xbox One S where none of the in game audio works for any game. The system sounds are fine such as the navigation pings and viewing videos in the store as well as mixer, however in game (I’ve tried dozens) there is no audio whatsoever. I’ve tried two different TVs and two different HDMI cables and it’s the same for both leading me to suspect the console itself. I know it’s not the TVs as my X works fine on both using the same cable sets.

Has anyone else covered this issue and if so would they be able to help out as I’m clawing my hair out right now from the stress.
Posted on 28 December 18 at 12:07
Dunno why you posted this on the BF5 forum, but I would try these steps
Posting from sunny Australia.
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