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Arena Wars - Tier Sponsorship Boosting

  • Posted on 31 December 18 at 14:32, Edited on 05 January 19 at 11:26 by DanteDevilDanPermalink

    I understand fully there is no achievement for this, but I am looking for a partner to boost for wins on improving the sponsorship tier.

    I have a spare character (and gamertag) and need someone else who has one too. The idea is that we can go back and forth on a easy quick game made and trade wins and eventually swap to our other characters so we don't lose any progress on our mains.

    You will unlock the discount deals as well as some special unlocks for going up the tier ladder. If you are interested, please send a message to my gamertag DanteDevilDan
  • Posted on 22 April 19 at 23:08Permalink
  • KontoGRKontoGR373,774
    Posted on 13 June 19 at 20:25Permalink
    You wanna boost 1000 lvls in arena?
  • Posted on 23 June 19 at 22:54Permalink
    KontoGR said:
    You wanna boost 1000 lvls in arena?
    Think thats a bit much?
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