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TGN Podcast: End of 2018 Review

  • DaveKineticDaveKinetic627,634
  • KingyOwlKingyOwl549,369
    Posted on 01 January 19 at 21:17
    Gutted that you're dropping the podcast. I assume changing the format to "TGN" podcast didn't rejuvenate the show as you'd hoped?
  • Posted on 02 January 19 at 05:27
    Nooo, I’m losing all my TA podcasts. I wish I would have know this could have happened. I would have created alts, nah too much worklaugh. But I enjoyed the podcasts and the work everyone did that went into it. I will look forward when they do pop up now and again. 2018 was a good year and ready for another good year.
  • WebManWebMan1,031,948
    Posted on 02 January 19 at 07:33
    KingyOwl said:
    Gutted that you're dropping the podcast. I assume changing the format to {#}TGN{#} podcast didn't rejuvenate the show as you'd hoped?
    +1 I am broken hearted. How will I kick off my weekends now without the Friday podcast? Please reconsider.

  • Rossco7530Rossco75301,901,185
    Posted on 02 January 19 at 12:15, Edited on 02 January 19 at 12:18 by Rossco7530
    +1. Sorry to see it go, but thanks for all your hard work - you've kept me entertained and informed.

    Of course. now I expect there'll be some big things happening on the site to justify all this "spare" time on a Friday afternoon! laugh
  • MotivaSeanMotivaSean543,408
    Posted on 02 January 19 at 20:04
    I wish we could get Supergiant back on Xbox. Bastion was amazing and I'd absolutely buy all their games again just to play it on Xbox.
  • ChillzChillz250,122
    Posted on 03 January 19 at 07:12
    Sad to see the demise of Weekly podcast. I used to look forward for Fridays. Listen to it on my way to work and back on Fridays. Not many good Xbox/Achievements focused podcasts out there. Was great source for news.

    I would hope some day it can be revived to weekly.
  • gypsymuffingypsymuffin520,269
    Posted on 03 January 19 at 16:32
    Sad to see the weekly podcast go. I really enjoyed it, especially so when Mark was on.
  • captain JD7captain JD7394,940
    Posted on 03 January 19 at 21:05
    So sad the weekly podcast is gone. Can anyone please suggest a gamer score podcast to listen too.
  • Posted on 03 January 19 at 22:51
    First the Superbestfriendcast now this...
    I'm a recent listener, just wanted to say thanks! I've enjoyed the last few months of the show, keep up the good work on the site, and I'll be there listening whenever you decide to drop a new one!
  • Mark BMark B981,374
  • ChewieOnIceChewieOnIce1,547,233
    Posted on 07 January 19 at 08:37
    @ChewieOnIce | NewsHound | 'Please don't kill us.' 'Please don't make it so appealing'
  • taximiketaximike429,535
    Posted on 08 January 19 at 08:48
    Sorry to see the show go. Thanks for all the great podcasts.

    I think onrush missed a trick by not offering a racing mode at all. Seems weird that you have al the mechanics but dont even offer that mode.

    Microtransactions wise i think loot boxes should be banned. Reminds me of as a child collecting nintendo cards but always missing the last few and still buying card packs. Also think that in a multiplayer game if you want to play with your friends you want an unlock all cars or characters, etc. If ive got a friend over they dont want to sit for 10 hours unlocking things. I want to have the content to maximuse that experience. Rock band realised this towards the end.
  • St3phosaurusSt3phosaurus239,359
    Posted on 08 January 19 at 18:07
    Really going to miss the weekly podcast - I've listened to every single once since it started. But hey, hopefully you guys will be able to do some cool stuff with the extra time you have now. I'll look forward to the special episodes anyway - and I really like it when you guys have special guests on to chat about their games :)
  • triplepowtriplepow219,695
    Posted on 14 January 19 at 20:41
    Been listening to the podcast from day one and love it as part of driving a lot for work so very sad this evening on the way back to here the end of the review of the year and the end of the pod. I’ve found it even better since the update to the pod both interesting and informative.

    Really will miss it and especially as how do I get answers to all my annoying questions as well?
    Not trying is the same as failing!
  • burtondude33burtondude33496,045
    Posted on 02 April 19 at 16:06
    I'm definitely missing the weekly podcast, hope you upload a new one soon! It's been too long!
  • Rigpig1919Rigpig1919339,690
    Posted on 02 April 19 at 18:02
    Wish you would bring this back, I really looked forward to this every week. My favorite gaming podcast!
  • CitizenSwiftCitizenSwift214,365
    Posted on 18 April 19 at 08:39
    I miss the podcast as well. It gave a human voice to the site and kept me engaged with the goings on. I hope it comes back one day.
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