Game Discussion: Wordament (Android)

Donot upgrade this app if you still want to obtain achievements

  • FremontBaiFremontBai14,818
    Posted on 02 January 19 at 05:34Permalink
    If upgrade Wordament(Android) using google play, this game will become Microsoft Wordament which have different set of achievements.
  • TheMaizeTheMaize1,226,281
    Posted on 02 January 19 at 09:55Permalink
    You haven't been able to unlock achievements in this game for ages anyways
  • LuentrixLuentrix226,612
    Posted on 19 February 19 at 16:47Permalink
    Ugh achievements were still bugged and i unistalled the game
  • kT EchokT Echo131,284
    Posted on 22 February 19 at 13:16Permalink
    So there's no way to download the (Android) version of the game? I came back to clean up old games and I started unlocking achievements for Microsoft Wordament
  • LuentrixLuentrix226,612
    Posted on 15 November 19 at 03:56Permalink
    Im still trying to find answer for this
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