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December 2018 Delistings: Middle-Earth, Monster Jam, and Milestone

Posted on 04 January 19 at 03:36, Edited on 04 January 19 at 03:37 by Tropan
Well, I grabbed Overlord from ebay, before prices go up. Snagged the DLC as well, and grabbed overlord II digital just in case. Great games, played them before my hunting days so never completed them fully, left a lot of easy cheeves.
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Princess Luna41
Posted on 04 January 19 at 12:01
I kinda want to grab overlords dlc but i cant see myself paying $15 for something ill never even look at
Posted on 05 January 19 at 01:59
damn. i been waiting on lego hobbit on both systems to go on sale for a while. now i have to go to gamestop when im not playing something else.
Posted on 02 July 19 at 04:23
Any way to still get the DLC for this game? It looks like mostly character packs, so no big deal.
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