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Lost all Campaign / Offline Progress

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Posted on 03 January 19 at 22:41
I don't understand, I recently played these old cod games and was forced to download an update and now all my campaign / spec ops progress has been wiped for no reason? When I go to the hard drive, my save files are still there and they don't appear corrupted either, so why are they not being read? Happened to me in mw3 as well, only thing I have left is my online rank.
Posted on 11 January 19 at 12:14
Me too!! Yesterday I was going to write down the missions I still needed 3 stars and I was stunned to see everything was 0 like it was a new game! I have my save on cloud, hd and a flash drive, but they all gave the same results. I am going to check on my other xbox today. Hopefully I can go back to where I was.
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