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Bull in a China Shop Achievement Patched to make it more difficult to unlock ?

Posted on 04 January 19 at 20:33
So i rented this game from Boomerang Rentals here in the UK assuming it would be a fairly easy and enjoyable game to perfect however i've been stuck on the bull in a china shop achievement for a while now as i've heard from multiple people that you need tp beat the first level on Nightmare difficulty (the hardest difficulty in the game) to unlock the achievement is this true or can i just play the game offline and get the achievement then pop back on so it pops up on my tag ?

Any help would be very appericated it

IXI FalcoN
IXI FalcoN
Posted on 18 January 19 at 23:21
Unpatched it was unobtainable, so you have to play it on the current version and do it on Nightmare.

It's really not so bad. Check the comments on the solution, there's a couple tricks to making the harder sections a breeze.
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