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Achievements not unlocking?

Posted on 04 January 19 at 23:05
So i've completed requirements for at least 4 achievements today and they have not unlocked but in-game achievements confirmed that I indeed have done the requirements…

Anyone else having this issue?
Posted on 04 January 19 at 23:35
Which achievements aren’t unlocking?

I know sometimes you need to hard reset the game before they pop.
Posted on 04 January 19 at 23:35, Edited on 04 January 19 at 23:36 by ManicMetalhead
Accidental double post.
Posted on 04 January 19 at 23:36
Right now I know about Pentakill, 20 to 1, specific achievement for Fenrir and some others I may not know about :D
Living Legends
Posted on 04 January 19 at 23:54
I have had an issue in the past month where I would fulfill requirements And it would not unlock. Usually a day or two it finally unlocked and it synced to the time it should have unlocked.

I tried to reload a save and it would not pop no matter how many times I tried.

There are a few discontinued achievements but few you listed are fine
Posted on 05 January 19 at 12:39, Edited on 05 January 19 at 13:31 by Lukoster
I know they aren't listed as discontinued, but I made this thread since i'm having problems unlocking these achievements, and it's only with Smite - this problem. Maybe i'll try re-installing my game, could that help?

Edit: Fixed, the achievements popped after 1-2 days after they should've already unlocked. Thank you for trying to help. wink Thread closed.

2nd edit: Only achievement that didn't unlock and should've is the pentakill one. I cba anymore :D
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