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Natsuki Chronicles Delayed Once Again

  • EurydaceEurydace602,061
  • keoskeykeoskey1,468,859
    Posted on 08 January 19 at 06:37
    Will it be Japan's Duke Nukem Forever
  • Iggsy81Iggsy81497,488
    Posted on 08 January 19 at 06:52
    This thing still exists? LEL.. i made a video on youtubbies of all upcoming anime games on xbox one YEARS ago and this was on the list. Can't believe it's still around!
  • Posted on 08 January 19 at 08:42, Edited on 08 January 19 at 08:50 by Stinky Big Buds
    It can't be the graphics that are slowing them down (woah with the pitchforks! Its just an observation) even the title looks unfinished :D....Why am I here?!? I've never even heard of this game...

    That title looks like the mobile phone version, it looks weird.
  • builder dirgebuilder dirge1,417,766
    Posted on 08 January 19 at 10:13
    Damnit, looking forward to this!
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  • Posted on 09 January 19 at 02:26
    Isn't it a shmup? How the hell does it take 4 years to release a freaking shmup? laugh
  • deds1975deds1975198,330
    Posted on 25 January 19 at 12:39, Edited on 25 January 19 at 12:39 by deds1975
    I think you will agree that patience is a virtue... especially for shmup!
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