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Riptide GP: Renegade Walkthrough Discussion

  • Posted on 10 January 19 at 16:25Permalink
    Please use this thread to discuss the Riptide GP: Renegade walkthrough
  • Racer 6981Racer 698135,584
    Posted on 25 April 20 at 23:05Permalink
    Any news?
  • SoupaBuoySoupaBuoy453,157
    Posted on 27 April 20 at 12:01Permalink
    This is my bad - I'll crack on this week.
  • Arran R WArran R W1,149,610
    Posted on 01 June 20 at 13:13Permalink
    As it's leaving game pass soon, just curious if this will be up before then?
  • SoupaBuoySoupaBuoy453,157
    Posted on 01 June 20 at 13:49Permalink
    Arran R W said:
    As it's leaving game pass soon, just curious if this will be up before then?
    Good shout - I'll work on it tonight. Give me a nudge on Wednesday if I haven't done it by then.
  • SoupaBuoySoupaBuoy453,157
    Posted on 04 June 20 at 13:39Permalink
    I'm pretty close to finishing the writing now - so I'll look to get it finished for review and published ASAP. I'd like to get some course videos and maybe a few more photos done, but I could get the text up shortly and add the other bits in the next week or so as I pull stuff together.
  • SoupaBuoySoupaBuoy453,157
    Posted on 11 June 20 at 18:41Permalink
    I've published the text of the walkthrough so people who are trying to get it finished before it leaves Game Pass have some guidance on this short and relatively straightforward game. I'll be adding some images to the body of the walkthrough over the weekend just to clarify some points that are harder to explain by text - mostly the Easter Egg locations and one or two of the shortcuts. The track videos I've put together will help for the shortcuts, but I hope to put together a playlist of Easter Egg unlocks as well as the images.

    But otherwise, I hope this helps - and I'm happy to take on board feedback and/or changes! Bearing in mind that I currently only own the game through Game Pass myself!
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