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How much!

Posted on 12 January 19 at 01:57
Crikey, I was expecting this to be around £20, and they're charging £49.99 for it! Anyone else think this is a ludicrous price for an HD remaster?
Herr Lindberg
Herr Lindberg
Posted on 12 January 19 at 11:08
It's ridiculous how much the price tag is for this, considering it's only an HD-remaster.. I was expecting €29.99 at the most. I guess I'll have to wait until this is on sale.
Zasta 360GameTV
Posted on 12 January 19 at 12:52
It is too much and if you watch comparison videos between the backward compatibility version and this "HD / Remaster" version, you see NO difference. It looks like IO sold the backward compatibility version for money.....
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