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Returning player needing help

  • FLUFFYR00FLUFFYR00388,548
    Posted on 12 January 19 at 13:09Permalink
    Hi ive just started playing agian after getting bored with other games. I have 618 hours playtime HR 369 and having a real hard time tyring to beat the special assignment 'He Taketh It with His Eyes'.

    Would any willing hunters be able to run this quest for me?
    If so can you message me on Xbox. GT: FLUFFYR00
    (the O's in my GT are numbers)

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  • WhyattThrashWhyattThrash317,459
    Posted on 13 January 19 at 13:59Permalink
    You'll need a team of four for this, so I'd recommend jumping into any of the MHW clubs on Xbox and asking for help. There's quite a bit of activity there and the people are pretty helpful to noobs, veterans and returners alike.

    You can also jump into any SOS:es you see, just to get some practice with it (you probably will fail a lot any which way).
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