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Extreme Survivor and Survivor achievements not unlocking

  • Posted on 13 January 19 at 09:46Permalink
    So, I have just finished the game on extreme survivor 4 times. I saved in a different slot at the point of no return, so I could have a save before the final boss battle.

    There have been some people complaining about not unlocking these achievements, anyone has any workaround? I did a cold console reboot, deleted and recovered my profile, still nothing. Deleting and reinstalling the game did not work either.

    I know there were issues with achievements not unlocking when they should, unlocking many hours/days later. The game has been heavily updated since then, so I think this is not the problem.

    Any suggestions are welcome, thanks.
  • MushaConvoyMushaConvoy656,605
    Posted on 28 February 19 at 02:39Permalink
    Sorry to say but both unlocked just fine for me. Unlikely it'll help but I only started playing the game this year, so it was fully patched. Did so on an Xbox One X and did Extreme Survivor as my first playthrough. Had no issues with any unlocks, nor the rest of the game really outside of Syria :(
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  • Posted on 07 April 19 at 19:59Permalink
    After trying numerous things, deleting local saves, deleting DLCs, borrowing OG Xbox1 (I have 1X version), nothing worked.

    Based from the input from ThePaleHorseman, who had the same issue as me and had to complete extreme survivor 3 times... I did what he did for his 3rd playthrough and got those achievements!

    I deleted my saves, completely, both from cloud and my xbox. I deleted all of the DLC except the anniversary one, I just kept the skins for easier gameplay. Finished the game and they popped. I guess some DLC messed with my achievements, but most people seem to unlock them just fine with all DLCs .

    If somebody reads this, I cannot stress this enough... Make extreme survivor your first playthrough... It is not hard at all, I finished with 94% completion even when I was going just for the difficulty achievements.
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