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Installed games from Games Pass. Will I need to download again when I buy Rare R

Posted on 13 January 19 at 14:10

I owned the digital versions of the N64 games that were available (Banjo Tooie, Banjo Kazooie, Perfect Dark)

And I downloaded the 360 games from the Games Pass.

When I buy Rare Replay, will I need to download new versions of each of these games (i.e. the Rare Replay versions) to get the achievements, or will they just link up automatically?
Posted on 13 January 19 at 14:36, Edited on 13 January 19 at 14:38 by TheMaize
they will link up automatically. You will need to enter the arcade for each game inside rare replay, and they will add to your overall progress in there...
There is not gonna be any extra achievements though.
except for the ones related to overall completion in the entire collection
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