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Xbox One Sale Roundup: January 15th, 2019

  • Posted on 17 January 19 at 02:20
    I, Zombie - I, Zombie Achievements - is also on sale @ 50% off (so €1.99 for me rather than €3.99).
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 17 January 19 at 03:22, Edited on 17 January 19 at 03:23 by
    x Mataeus x said:
    D3m0nF0rc3 said:
    Mullet For Men said:
    ThreeHaddock62 said:
    WRC 6, still overpriced.
    Didnt take long for a cry baby to show up and complain about free games.
    I feel pretty confident they were simply stating a fact in a comical manner...

    After all if they did the kyloton wrc bundle on gwg it would be over priced, they should reconsider their development and perhaps produce something like Donkey Derby instead of destroying a long running franchise like wrc
    WRC7 on the X is brilliant. Co-driver still sounds nasty, but the game is awesomely fun, and the tracks are proper long rally tracks. Forget the previous ones, WRC7 has some of the best track design in any racing game ever. Really.

    Shame it's the previous average one that's on sale :-P
    And is the steering wheel support any good ? As 5 and 6 the steering wheel support is beyond abismal
  • Posted on 21 January 19 at 19:00
    I Boz l said:
    It seems that Alien Isolation won't go under that price.

    Is The Collection worth more money or should i buy only the base game?
    Base game IMO. The collection provides additional modes that are the same thing as the main game but carry no extra achievements.
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