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Emotions out the wazoo (spoilers)

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    and yet again Clementine and TWD games have basically made me cry with every decision I make..crycry
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    Any idea on how to get the Personal Space or As A Mouse achievements? I thought they might be associated with the scene at the barnhouse at the end of Act 1, but I didn't see an opportunity to do much there. Maybe something to do with the raider boat later on?

    I'm still playing through, so, I'll update myself if I see what to do.
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    personal space, from what I have read you get right before getting on the boat (end of act 2) by killing all the walkers with the bow, as for "as a mouse" I have no idea

    I am having trouble finding all the collectables myself, I found the erison flag (right when you start in the basement) the etch toy (next to rosie in the basement), the rabbits foot (next to willy during the scouting mission) the windchime (on the right hand side of the barn james takes you to) and Beat-nick (next to some hay bales near james at the barn) but I can't seem to find the horseshoe, Any help would be appreciated.
  • Dresden N7Dresden N7410,250
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    Horseshoe is on the ground in the same area you found the Rabbit's Foot. I believe it's near the collasped tree blocking the road behind you when scouting the ship.
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    thank you for the help.
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    As A Mouse - I got this on the boat when the guard hears you and turns around. I selected "Rockingham" from the dialogue options and it unlocked.

    I did successfully interrogate Abel at the start of the chapter and he told me that password so you might have to do that first.
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    post it as a guide dude
  • RadiantViperRadiantViper784,018
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    Is it just me or did the graphics look weird during the train flashback memory with Lee and other areas near the end of the episode? It looked like we can see a few spots where Skybound had to create the scene from scratch to fill out the episode. If I'm correct, I'm assuming Episode 4 will prolly look worse. Very surprised nobody has brought this up yet..... Sorry to hijack the thread, I really enjoyed the 3rd chapter of episode 3 but thought chapter 2 was very boring.
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