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Trading Children of Sissna achievement

Posted on 15 January 19 at 11:51
Hey! So I loved the game but Children of Sissna is just borderline not fun so the only way I'm going to get the completion is by playing with someone who is on normal mode. If anyone is willing to run it through with me then I'd of course help them in return. Thanks!
Was Sexette
Hulk Shred
Hulk Shred
Posted on 17 January 19 at 16:02
Completed it with a friend, both of us in sissna mode. Key to success for us was to exploit KI's aggro switches.

If you play allone, then you'd have to play really perfect with your dodges, as you have almost no health and stamina. I strongly recommend the blessing of gefn to absorb a hit, life regeneration relict as it tops the little health very fast and light armour without stamina penaltys.
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