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Any news on whether other episodes in seasons 1 and 2 will be released

The Manic Moose
Posted on 17 January 19 at 14:00
Thoroughly enjoyed the short time I spent finishing series 1 episode 1 and series 2 episode 1, but it only shows episodes coming soon for season 3.

Has anyone heard anything on whether there will be more episodes for season 1 and/or 2?

At the minimum, I really hope they don't just release episode 1 for season 3 and release for every episode.
Posted on 17 January 19 at 16:48, Edited on 17 January 19 at 16:51 by thefonz1986
As far as I know, it's going along with the schedule of the show.

Episode 1 of season 3 - Friday 1/18
Episode 2 of season 3 - Friday 1/25

all the way up to the season finale, which is about 10 weeks off. season 1 went 12, season 2 went expect at least 10.

for if they're throwing more season 1 or 2 in the mix...I haven't heard of it. could be possible farther down the road, but not right now. all I saw in the xbox store when I preordered the game was the season 3.

In the driving record portion btw, there's "online time" they're going to be releasing an online multiplayer portion at some point down the road as well.
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