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Looking for EU Players!

Buzz Corker
Buzz Corker
Posted on 17 January 19 at 18:15, Edited on 17 January 19 at 18:16 by Buzz Corker
Me and two friends have been playing R6S for a while now and play a lot of ranked most weekends, however it's always just been us three. We're looking for some more people to join us, and potentially play some ESL tournaments with us.

We're currently ranked Gold 2 but are slowly improving our rank. We're open to anyone ranked low Silver all the way up to high Plat (but not Diamond as we want everyone to be on a similar playing level and for no-one to feel too intimidated).

We have a newly formed clan called The Omen, and I've recently made a discord where anyone who's interested can join:

We do have a few minor requirements, but for the most part it's open to anyone who falls within Silver-Plat on ranked and is in the EU (and on Xbox of course)!
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