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Have I lost myself hours of work?

Posted on 17 January 19 at 20:55
I picked this up in the recent sale hearing it was a metroidvania type game. No one said it’s pretty hard ;)

Anyway, was exploring and end up in mantis town, I think I shouldn’t have been there yet (I’d only just got the dash ability) I had about 1400 geo. I kept getting killed by the mantis. When going to retrieve my ghost body, I found a bench closer and re-saved. When I died again, and claimed my ghost, it only gave me the geo I had that time about 24. Is more hours haul of 1400 gone, or is there another ghost somewhere with my riches?

I think I know the answer... :(
Posted on 24 January 19 at 20:54
yea if you die you lose your geo but can pick it back up if you don't die before killing your ghost, just like dark souls. Don't worry tho as their is plenty of geo. You can sell those badges that you find to a guy for some good coin.
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