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Did you disable the ads or play for free?

Posted on 17 January 19 at 22:55, Edited on 17 January 19 at 23:49 by Twincats
Hi everyone. I'm curious to know what the differences are between these two routes through the game as I'm currently writing a walkthrough for the game, so any information would be extremely helpful and would help determine the estimated time to completion.

The biggest differences I figure would be:

• How the fiolet skins are unlocked in the shop.
• How powerups in the later 3 modes are applied.
• The extra bonus gift: automatically applied separately or together

If you have any information, I'd greatly appreciate you sharing it.

Thank you.

To those curious, here is a link to the Heart Box Walkthrough Discussion:

Heart Box Walkthrough Discussion
Tempus edax rerum
Posted on 20 January 19 at 17:27
I purchased the upgrade to disable ads. Here is what I experienced so far

"Fiolet" skins are now unlocked by coins or in game purchase

power ups are automatically unlocked but not applied, you have to click on them in lower left hand corner

By extra bonus gift if you mean daily gift then they are not automatically applied. My game crashed today and wouldn't load so I uninstalled and reinstalled game and I lost 2 days progress in levels and daily progress
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