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Trove That much grindy

Posted on 19 January 19 at 20:52
My question is, is it possible to Grind the achievement out alone or does it has to be with Other online players?
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Posted on 19 January 19 at 22:58
Most achievements can be done alone but a few will require others.

TroveTop BomberThe Top Bomber achievement in Trove worth 276 pointsWin your first Bomber Royale match

This is a PvP mode styled after Battle Royale games. I sometimes see people begging for people to join the queue, so it might be hard to find games unless it is PvP day.

TroveBeaucoup BombsThe Beaucoup Bombs achievement in Trove worth 328 pointsThrow 5000 bombs in Bomber Royale

This is supposed to be done during Bomber Royale, but it's glitched and unlocks in the Shadow Tower. Could be fixed, but with the Gamingo buyout, I doubt it.

TroveA Trovian a DayThe A Trovian a Day achievement in Trove worth 623 pointsEnter the Shadow Tower and defeat the Darknik Dreadnought on Ultra Difficulty

TroveBurninate the Hydrakken!The Burninate the Hydrakken! achievement in Trove worth 356 pointsEnter the Shadow Tower and defeat the Shadow Hydrakken on Ultra Difficulty

These require beating 2 bosses in the shadow tower on ultra difficulty. I don't think this can be done solo. I assume you could just get in a good guild and run with them and get these though.

TroveGlorious GladiatorThe Glorious Gladiator achievement in Trove worth 1273 pointsYou have walked the fields of battle, and proven your worth

This achievement is a PvP achievement. They removed deathmatch PvP for Bomber Royale, and you can only play deathmatch in club worlds. According to this thread : Glorious Gladiator (How To Unlock) you need 500 bomber royale kills which is a pretty big oof. Deathmatch PvP was hard to find matches in, and I think BR is going that way as well, so 500 kills will be quite a pain in the ass.
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