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Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic and Wanted (2019)

Sgt Steve Esq
Posted on 20 January 19 at 04:33
I just wanted to share what I've figured out trying to get these two achievements in the last month or so. I know there are a couple of other threads, but I'd rather get all the information out in one place. I've definitely been extremely frustrated wondering if I was actually wasting dozens of hours trying to get these. There's clearly two issues:

1. Deathmatch/race/team results sometimes not showing up on the leaderboard
2. Money/rank sometimes not saving after exiting the game

From what I've read, these both appear to be related to an issue with Microsoft's TrueSkill ranking system that is used by GTAIV (and a number of other games). A number of those games are also being affected regarding saving online progress. This has been identified by other members of this community since September 2018 (

I thought it would be helpful to point out some facts and tips that allowed me to still get both of these achievements, even with this issue:

1. Deathmatch/race/team results are not directly related to the money/rank system
2. Deathmatch/race/team results will only save to the leaderboard for matches that are five minutes or less.
3. Money/rank will only save for matches that are five minutes or less

After getting these two achievements, I spent about an hour with different times seeing which would save and which wouldn't. Six minute match - no go. Four minute match - ok! In fact, five minutes was the exact cutoff.

What the first point means, is that if you are going for Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic, you can't rely on your money total to determine how many events you've completed. This might have been true at one time, but the two are not related anymore. More importantly though, actually winning a deathmatch/race/team event is stored somewhere else (probably your own account with nothing to do with Rockstar or Microsoft to be honest).

The second point means, all of those races (such as many of the Cannonball races) that are over five minutes will not show up on the leaderboard. From the first point, this does not mean that you haven't successfully won them. You just can't rely on the leaderboards either to determine which events you've completed. The only way to do this is to keep track of everything on your own. Pen and paper.

When Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic popped for me, about 1/3 of all my events weren't on the leaderboard and probably the same in money/rank were not saved. I was positive that I was going to have to redo so many races. But by writing everything down, it popped exactly when it was supposed to.

The last point is the most self-explanatory. If you finish a match (like Hangman's NOOSE) in five minutes or less, the money/rank will save. If you boost for an hour, it will not. The important thing is that it won't save, not that you'll immediately lose it or anything. That is, if you leave the game and come back, it will be whatever it was before. You simply have to stay in multiplayer until you get this.
Sgt Steve Esq
Posted on 20 January 19 at 04:51
I did the Happiness Island method to get Wanted. $130K/hour (40 hours). Leaving your Xbox on for a week? Yeah, that's pretty much it at this point.

If you have a third console in there you can do Happiness Island at $200K/hour (25 hours). Or the Bomb da Base II glitch at $500K/hour (10 hours). I reason I like Happiness Island though is for like 98% of the time you can go do anything else.

GTAIV seems very stable after I figured a couple of things out. I had a couple crashes early on, but after changing two things it was smooth sailing.

1. If you're using a turbo controller, turn it off when you're done for the day (or take off the rubber band if you're doing that method)
2. Don't end your session at the scoreboard screen (with the level behind it), exit to the multiplayer lobby (black screen)

With the first crash, I went to bed after setting up a last one hour session. This made sense to get an extra hour, but after it ended, my controller was basically pressing LT for the next six hours straight. I don't know if this caused an issue or...

...when you finish the level after an hour, the scoreboard is laid out overtop a shot of the level you were just playing. Basically, the system is still rendering this scene. I don't know if leaving the game to render this same scene for six hours straight was the issue. I'm personally leaning to the first.

Either way, after changing both of these, I had five days without a hiccup.
Sgt Steve Esq
Posted on 20 January 19 at 04:55
Either way, I have Auf and Wanted now. The leaderboard will tell you I only have done 65% of the races and I am level 3 with $77000.

Hope this helps someone else!
Posted on 22 January 19 at 16:50, Edited on 22 January 19 at 16:52 by EmagDrolBot
About to double box this. While I am not thrilled at the prospect of having my console running permanently until it's done, I guess that's what it has to be.

Thanks for all your info!
Dan B 697
Dan B 697
Posted on 23 January 19 at 03:55
Anyone who’s still interested or has any tips, I’m about to start wanted soon. I’m currently only level 4 😐
Thank you! Dan B 697
Posted on 07 March 19 at 16:03
I and another individual on my friends list are trying to both boost and obtain all GTA IV multiplayer achievements we are online at pretty much all times so don't hesitate to message me on Xbox. My gamertag is BeastedBehemoth, just shoot me a message and we can grab all of these achievements for GTA IV multiplayer, see ya guys. GT: BeastedBehemoth
Posted on 22 March 19 at 01:39
For sure
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