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Pokemon Go Friend Codes

Posted on 22 January 19 at 21:11
I searched through the Off Topic forums (and my threads) and, while I thought there was a thread for sharing friend codes, I can't find it. So, I figured I'd start one. If I just missed it, please let me know and I'll go post there.

But for anybody that plays Pokemon Go and wants to trade gifts with other people from different states and countries, this is where to put your friend codes. Please include your country (and State / Province / etc) as well as your Pokemon Go player name, that way those people who want to keep track of this info via nicknames, etc.

Here are a few codes from the USA (Washington State)
(ours and a co-worker of mine):

7617 2247 8756 - HyruleBalverine
5868 0444 5280 - HylianHenatrice
2254 2258 1958 - HylianLeviathan
0609 6324 9430 - HylianHellhound

2601 8762 0220 - Misteropie
Posted on 14 May 19 at 16:54
8702 6715 2119 - MusquitoBE
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