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U C me now?

craig killed ya
Posted on 26 January 19 at 10:55
I got to 45/50 (90%) on the
The Grand Tour GameU C Me Now?The U C Me Now? achievement in The Grand Tour Game worth 37 pointsUse Candy Fog 50 times
and the counter is stuck and hasn’t moved since. I must have done over 100 while grinding out the 50 presenter race wins achievements. I have had 3 in one race before but at the end of the race the counter stays at 90%. Anyone else experiencing the same problem? Done everything else (upto S3 E2 DLC).
Project Rees
Project Rees
Posted on 26 January 19 at 15:04
I just grinder out all the pickup achievements without a problem.
My just be a network delay. As long as you know you have enough to get it I would carry on with something else and it should pop later on.
This happens occasionally.
craig killed ya
Posted on 27 January 19 at 14:15
Don’t think waiting will work ithave been stuck at 90% for over a week
Posted on 07 February 19 at 16:18
Unlocked for me no issue. Have you tried restarting your xbox? Usually does the trick.
craig killed ya
Posted today at 09:35
still stuck on 90% got all the other use item x times but not this one angry
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