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Order forum search function results by date, not relevance

  • Throni360Throni3601,187,764
    Posted on 28 January 19 at 00:20Permalink
    The search function currently lists the search results by relevance, not date. For most people newer threads are more relevant than those from 2010. You have to click "Post" twice in order to see new results first.
  • Posted on 23 October 19 at 02:23Permalink
    Yes please. The search function in general needs a major update. I was searching for "Thief of Thieves" to find out if it was leaving GP soon (which it is) but I had to find out from another site because when I searched that in the News Articles section not a single listing came up. Apparently you have to enter the full name of the game exactly for anything to show up at all. Not ideal.
    Doc, Doc, noose
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