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How do you build the archwing for the Plains?

Posted on 29 January 19 at 20:35
Do you need to be in a clan to access the Clan Dojo so you can research it? I'm a little lost...
DF I Phoenix
DF I Phoenix
Posted on 30 January 19 at 04:11
TheMaize is wrong.

To use archwing into the plains you need the archwing launcher gear/item in your gear wheel. Other than that, you'll need an archwing, that you'll receive by completing "The Arcwhing" main quest. No more needed.

If you want, you can use another archwing, but in order to use any archwing, the quest listed above must be completed. Then, you can find other archwings to build in the Tenno Research Lab in the dojo. YOU NEED TO BE IN THE CLAN OWNING THE DOJO to get the blueprints from its labs. If you don't have a clan or your clan isn't high enough, then, you'd better join someone else clan if you really want to get those items, but I repeat, IT'S NOT NEEDED for the Archwing in the Plains achievement.
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