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Going through a tough breakup + Introduction

Bigby Lupus
Bigby Lupus
Posted on 30 January 19 at 11:14
What up everyone!

As the title suggests, I go by the name Bigby Lupus, and I'm currently going through a soul crushing breakup that is the most difficult of my 3 decades of living on this Earth.

I'm not talking about an ex-girlfriend, that kind of breakup we all get used to. Im talking about something far more serious; breaking up with my PS4.

You see, I grew up with Sony consoles, so it took me a while to fall in love with the xbox. Sure, I'd have a fling with the gears trilogy and play the MS exclusives every now and then, but I was just used to the Sony system, even though it had a clearly inferior controller.

That's why I became a platinum Hunter. Xbox achievements be damned!

Or so I thought. You see, I always liked that platinum trophy, and the cool names some devs come up with for them (Halls of Valhalla platinum name was probably the reason I decided to platinum mad max), the Xbox didn't have that, instead it had points, which I'm not too fond of. But there was problem with the PS4 platinum, you see, once I got it, I stopped caring about the game. Bought the dlc? Couldn't care less, because I have the platinum, gold trophies can suck it!

But the Xbox achievements were different, there was no platinum, there was only the quest for absolute perfection, coupled with a superior controller, and one hardcore community.

Naturally, as someone with a severe case of OCD, Xbox made more sense, some games can be platinumed with 50% completion because of dlc, but such a system would not pass on this side of the aisle.

The darkness was calling me. Then I caved and bought the mighty Xbox X, and things were never the same after that.

Problem is, the PS profile was incomplete. So many games I started and hadn't aced out of boredom, so I had to go back in. I'm currently trying to get my PS profile at 50 platinums and 90%+ completion rate before hanging it up, after that, I platinum exclusives and games I liked so much I finished on the Xbox X first.

So as you can imagine, I'm currently playing games I was bored by in the first place, while tackling red dead redemption on the Xbox on the side. I'm here to commit to this community and introduce myself, I'd love to have as many or even more friends on the Xbox than on the PS4, as my future games will mostly be done on the Xbox first.

Thanks for your time everyone, hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.
Posted on 30 January 19 at 12:46
Welcome toast
Game On.
Posted on 31 January 19 at 00:26
welcome! clap
gamingirl.com - girls writing about games ;)
Bigby Lupus
Bigby Lupus
Posted on 11 February 19 at 14:23
Thanks for the welcome, JumboWario and Twinkling82, much appreciated!
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