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Stolen Victory Achievement

  • Posted on 01 February 19 at 19:03Permalink
    Can this only be unlocked in a certain mode or is it broken? I've done this in multiplayer and speed demon single player several times under 1 second difference and sometimes dead on 1 second.
  • GottleGottle553,382
    Posted on 02 February 19 at 16:46Permalink
    Me too. Even with a 2nd profile logged in. Maybe it has to be done in elimination race?!
  • Posted on 02 February 19 at 17:49Permalink
    I tried elimination, split screen speed demon, tried on different accounts etc I don't know what the problem is
  • Posted on 02 February 19 at 18:56Permalink
    A few people now have told me you have to finish at literally the same exact time and the game will count you first I guess
  • GottleGottle553,382
    Posted on 03 February 19 at 01:13Permalink
    Yeah, i've also asked to whom unlocked this achievement recently, getting the same answer.
    I even succeeded in finishing at the same identical time as my rival, but no achievement unlocked for me (2nd pad w/o profile logged in).
    Now I've finished campain and carkours, but not this one. Darn.
  • Posted on 03 February 19 at 05:40Permalink
    Yeah I tried it too also got an identical finish with my pad coming 1st, game is bs, I've given up
  • OhMyGoth1OhMyGoth1345,151
    Posted on 07 February 19 at 20:16, Edited on 07 February 19 at 20:16 by OhMyGoth1Permalink
    I managed to get this in a 1v1 against the computer when just messing around in a custom race. Weird thing is, I'm pretty sure I actually lost the race, but I had the same time as the computer, and the achievement unlocked anyway...
    Very bizarre. Video is below

    OhMyGoth1 playing GRIP
  • Redd FiveRedd Five758,976
    Posted on 20 October 19 at 22:34Permalink
    I did this myself with a second controller. It's not enough to win by <1 sec, you have to pass the 1st place car right before the line, within the last second of the race.

    I started a 1-lap splitscreen race with 2 controllers on the speed ring. Drive controller 2 and park right before the finish line. Now, drive your car around the lap and just as you finish, hit the gas on controller 2. (I used a pinky for this while holding both controllers.)

    Got it first try like this
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