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Level Requirements of Gear

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    Posted on 02 February 19 at 02:07, Edited on 02 February 19 at 02:09 by cenGii91Permalink
    Hey guys, i am a bit confused about the level requirements in W3. In my last save i played normally and ended my first playthrough above level 40 with Grandmaster Feline Gear. After that i started NG+ on Death March and ended up on lv 80, where i had Superior Feline Gear Lv 79.

    In my second playthrough i had the same Feline Gear in Superior Edition, where i had to be level 79 (!!) for use.

    Now i just started a complete new playthrough at rushed through the main story and ended up on level 30. I did not collected any piece of gear yet, so i am thinking about which level do i have to be for it? Is this scaled like before or does this scale on my last level on my first playthrough.
    Because when i choose the Scavenger Hunt Mission, the recommended level for collecting the pieces is way lower (lv 47). This would mean that probably the item are scaled at the same level i guess. Am i wrong?

    I actually would love to get a mastercrafted legendary set on lv 100. What do i have to do for that? In a forum i read, that i should be at around lv 60 on the FIRST playthrough. Thinking of me rushing through the whole campaign und only getting to lv 30 it seems like it is way not enough to get to 60 even if you do all sorts of side quests, as some of them only gives you like 2-5 EXP.

    Any clarification pls?
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