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Access "daily" skins before earning them

Posted on 03 February 19 at 09:34
I stumbled upon a bug allowing me to equip all "daily" skin items before I earned them. I don't know why anyone would care about skins in a game like this, but I figured I would share the information. To anyone interested, here's how it worked for me:

The skins interface is accessed by clicking a clothing hanger in the top left of a level screen. You must first load a level to get there. Note: I've seen the icon described as a shopping cart, but mine is a hanger.

The skins interface has a tab (selected at the top) for each type of item to apply. Each tab has pages (selected with arrows at left & right) for the various items of that type. "Daily" items are listed here with everything else, but apparently inaccessible if you don't own them. All you need is to own an item on the same page as the "daily" item you wish to apply.

1) Begin with nothing applied on your selected tab / type. If you have something applied, select the red "X" and apply it. It's the first item on the first page, which removes applied items.

2) Navigate to the page with the "daily" item and the same-page item you already own.

3) Select the item you own. The "apply" button will become available.

4) Select the "daily" item. The "apply" button will remain available, though you don't own the "daily" item. Click it to apply the "daily" item.
Posted on 13 February 19 at 19:18
This doesn't unlock the achievement for me
You should not drink and bake.
Team Effigy
Posted on 18 February 19 at 22:47
Does not seem to work for me. Using as MS surface tablet.
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