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Xbox Lego Harry Potter years 1-4 need some game advice

red dwarf 4ever
Posted on 04 February 19 at 00:29
I absolutely love all things Lego, games & cnstruction. I have just completed year 1-4 on the xbox1 ....( already owned for the 360 so,pit MS couldn’t do something about having t buy the same game twice )
Anyway back to the issue, after completed year 1, I want t replay the levels that require students with ‘ dark’ powers t open the red glowing objects, also need a pupil from a different house to one the big red tent, by waving at the pupil in the painting.
However it seems the only option is free play and using the chart in cauldron room. But the options are only for specific events, not the whole I missing something ???

Help please

Red dwarf 4ever
Posted on 04 February 19 at 20:12
usually with lego games, whilst you can replay the 'freeplay' levels, theres usually a couple of characters that are still locked (like dark magic, or President Boss in the movie version for example)

Ive personally just ran quickly as possible gone through every story mode, then going back for the red multipliers and then only buy characters that you need, so your not wasting money/time grinding for additional studs.
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