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Anthem Beta

Posted on 05 February 19 at 21:56
Since the beta’s are all done what did people think of the game? I really wanted to like the game and I finished thinking it’s ok. I’m sure the actual game will have one but a tutorial was seriously needed. So many people who could fly or didn’t know what their special was.

I really wish we got a bit of lore with the demo. That information could tip me into buying this day 1 but without it I’ll wait for reviews and what people say.

My biggest knock against the game is that it doesn’t mesh with my play style, which is obviously not the games fault. I prefer to game by myself and not with people so I don’t have a crew. I played a stronghold and it had to take almost 2 hours with this one group. They kept dying, wouldn’t move, no specials.. I could go on. The next group had the same stronghold mission and we beat it less than 30 minutes.

I don’t know if I have the patience to do this with randoms. A good group is fine but a bad group will ruin my night. I also didn’t hear one person use a mic, which surprised me as well.
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