Game Discussion: Access Denied

Control not working

  • Arcus StoneArcus Stone636,415
    Posted on 06 February 19 at 02:38
    hi all

    I have downloaded this game and it starts OK, but controller not working, anyone else having this problem

  • Posted on 06 February 19 at 03:52
    Just loaded it up and I'm having the same issue. Even got an achievement for spending 3 minutes on a level because I waited to see if the skip button would work.

    To expand on the problem a bit, as far as I can tell, only the A button works. I pressed A to start, then I tried to access the settings but couldn't move selection, pressed A again and it highlighted puzzle 1,pressed it again to start, and pressed it to select OK on the controls popup. After that point no button presses register, and there appears to be a cursor hovering in the bottom left corner.
  • x brucey aux brucey au548,545
    Posted on 11 February 19 at 21:04
    I am having the same problem! Is there any known fix yet?
  • Gensui AkainuGensui Akainu2,709,117
    Posted on 12 February 19 at 14:54
    Worked for me after removing all connected USB devices.
  • Posted on 15 February 19 at 08:08
    Is it not called access denied? :) Maybe that is first puzzle?
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