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Zombies Buddies

RyAn WaS GoDlY
Posted on 11 February 19 at 01:55
Hi, I’m looking for a few people who still need really any of the zombies achievements. I have quite a few miscellaneous achievements not really Easter egg related that would be easier to get done with a buddie or two. Would be nice to have some people to hop on with and knock out a bunch of achievements! I would also help with achievements I already have.

If this interests you at all, please message me.

GT: Ryan Was Godly
Posted on 27 August 19 at 12:13
Hey and Hello Ryan,...
So i need somebody for the EE for revelations and shangri la!
I know for revelations we need the s.key from shadows of evil and for shangri la we need 2 people more!
I m play Zombies since waw,..also i know what is to do but without friends it is not so much fun !
So when u interested for doing that i would happy so much!
And sorry for my Bad english,...have a nice day
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