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Far, Far Away Cheevo Xbox One X

Posted on 11 February 19 at 03:52
Is this achievement supposed to show the percentage on the console's achievement tracking system?? i tried each race type both online and offline and its sitting at 0% still....i need to unlock this for this month's Xbox GamePass Quest and i dont want to waste days on a broken achievement. Or is it supposed to sit at 0% until i hit the 50km traveled in the game and then will pop?? also, does it matter which game mode i race in, and also is it for online, offline....both for distance traveled in the game??? someone plz helps me understand what to do because none of available solutions for this cheevo arent very helpful. :/
Posted on 11 February 19 at 04:12
the solutions DO answer all your questions.
yes its tracked and all gamemodes count.

so yes, its somehow broken for you.
Posted on 11 February 19 at 07:14
where or who do i report the problem to then? feedback hub on console or game devs/makers or whatevers?
Posted on 11 February 19 at 08:01
Directly to the devs I guess...
As you can also read in the solutions and the replies, it's a common problem though. So they are probably aware.
For a lot of people it doesn't track. Having it stick at 0% seems unusual though.
A lot of people have also mentioned that they just ignored the tracker, ND the achievement unlocked when it should anyways
Posted on 18 July 19 at 07:17
Did you ever figure this out? Mine is also stuck at 0% and it says I’ve driven over 70km
Posted on 18 July 19 at 10:00
Been stuck on 54% for over a week now with over 100KM total for all wheels.
Lord Skempe
Lord Skempe
Posted on 19 July 19 at 10:32, Edited on 21 July 19 at 16:24 by Lord Skempe
Now at 52km on one set of tires and 1km on another set but still no achievement and it also still says 0% too

Edit: Left the remote rubber banded till I reached 100+km on one set of tires and 25+ km on another set and still nothing

Edit #2: Switched to the second set of tires and got it up to 67 km and counting now but still no achievement. At over 170 km collectively right now

Thought perhaps the save was corrupt so I deleted everything and allowed the cloud on Psyonix' side to synch it back up again upon rebooting. All my stats for km driven are still the same following doing that, although still no achievement. Unsure as to what to do next to get this to finally unlock. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Edit #3: Added yet another 100+km to the set of wheels you start out with and still nothing. Now at collectively over 250km, with over 100km on two sets of tires, and this achievement is both locked and at 0%. Additionally, customer support from Psyonix also stated they're aware of the issue with the achievement (as they have been for an astounding 4 years already) and are working on a 'fix,' which is obviously not coming

Final Edit: Had to buy a used physical copy of the game and use the offline method of grinding it all out at once and going back online. Upon getting over 100+km offline, I started another match, paused the game, and re-connected. The game force closed to the dashboard and told me I required a 10+ gig update since I'd deleted the game and all info on my console before starting my offline attempt. Following downloading the update and booting the game up, the achievement didn't pop right away, although after a little less than a minute, the progress meter finally went to 2%, then proceeded to naturally fill the remaining 98% over the following minute or two before finally unlocking in the menu without having to start a match. This was definitely bugged for me where it wouldn't progress or unlock, so if you're having the same problem this might be the only solution. Hope this helps!
Theodoricus Rex
Posted on 27 July 19 at 20:42
This sounds horrible. I have the same issue. I’ve been playing for hours without the tracker going up. I’m sorry but I refuse to pay twice for a game because of a broken achievement. The developers should get their sh*t together and fix this after an astonishing 4 years of being glitchy.

If somebody figures out another way to progress without buying the physical disc I’ll be happy to hear it. Thanks for the solution though, I’m glad I’m not the only one with this problem.
Mestre Shrewd
Mestre Shrewd
Posted on 28 July 19 at 08:29
The same for me, 0% glitch.
Posted on 31 July 19 at 08:09
0% for me too, completely glitches for me too.
Posted on 12 August 19 at 19:55
Looks like this was broken in a recent update - the achievement should be flagged as glitched/unatainable.

I wonder if they'll ever fix it?
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