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Prisoner intake

Posted on 11 February 19 at 21:08
Hello, I was wondering on Xbox how to find out how prisoners can be taken in? As in is there a way to find out how many I can take in without counting the beds? Thanks
Posted on 12 February 19 at 07:04
each day ur intake of prisoners will increase for both Min, med and max security prisoners until they reach the 100 cap for all, means 300 in total
u can take them all and exceed what ur bed counts actually can handle, but the trick is u won't be able to control ur prison and mange no riots to get the the numbers to fill up to 100 again, ur prison will go in chaos and all ur staff will be dead.
my trick for the achievement was build a decent prison and start expanding it and making sure everything is under control and start increasing ur intake until u reach 200 prisons and be able to run their lives normally without any trouble, u need this number while u r going for the other achievements like the general education pass and whatnot, make sure by the way to have the auto save turn off
once ur prison has 200+ and everything is going fine, just wait till ur intake capacity reachs 100 to all type of prisoners don't waste building beds and cells, just take all the 300 prisons all together, and build a huge delivery area, and wait till the timer runs out for the prisoners delivery and u will unlock the achievement for 500. once done just exit "without saving" and load ur perfectly controlled operation prison with the 200 prisoners and go for the other achievements
good luck
Have no fear, Amjad is here
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