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Some achievements are (randomly) glitched and don’t unlock

  • Posted on 11 February 19 at 23:09, Edited on 11 February 19 at 23:23 by derektwopointohPermalink
    Be aware of potentially glitchy achievements if you play this game.

    I played several puzzles and got to the last gate before realizing that I should have achievements for clearing the first four areas and completing all the easy puzzles. However, I only had one for clearing the first area. I spoke with the dev and he confirmed that I should have those 4 additional achievements. So I decided to start a new game in a different save slot...

    I replayed everything and then continued on with the game and was relieved when the missing achievements from my last playthrough started unlocking when they were supposed to. The Expert achievement unlocked as planned, along with the achievements for clearing all the areas but much to my dismay, the three other difficulty based achievements didn’t unlock at all.

    I then proceeded to finish out the game, along with the grueling pipe push all the way back to the beginning area of the game and the two bonus areas. And then, of course, the final achievement for completing the second bonus area didn’t unlock.

    I’m wondering if deleting all my local and cloud data would fix the issue and allow me to earn the achievements again but I really don’t want to do another full playthrough just to see if they’ll unlock.

    I seem to be in the minority with these issues but if you’re planning to play this game, I strongly suggest you wait for a patch.
  • HILL5IZEHILL5IZE1,281,123
    Posted on 12 February 19 at 11:07Permalink
    No difficulty achievements unlock on my playthrough, the others popped.
    Took a break in the middle and shut off Xbox and continued next day.

    Random or luck people get it or not. Think you must finish in one sitting???
  • HILL5IZEHILL5IZE1,281,123
    Posted on 12 February 19 at 12:30Permalink
    Deleted save played again to where Expert unlocks and nothing!
  • Posted on 12 February 19 at 13:49Permalink
    I’m thinking it may have to do with not playing it all in one sitting. I can confirm that it’s not because of the glitch some games have where achievements don’t unlock if you have your Xbox set to Instant-On and resume playing without force quitting first. Since I last encountered such a glitch, I’ve been force quitting literally everything I play.
  • Streak LeaderStreak Leader1,736,398
    Posted on 12 February 19 at 19:21Permalink
    The achievements stopped popping for me when I cleared the fifth area and finished all of the easy puzzles. Expert was the last one that popped for me.

    Wondering if I should just delete everything and start over to do it in one sitting.
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    If you try an additional playthrough, I recommend deleting your save data from both your Xbox and the cloud. Deleting your save data in-game doesn’t seem to do the trick. Personally I’m keeping my save to see if they release a patch that retroactively unlocks the achievements I’ve earned...but I’m not holding my breath.
  • Streak LeaderStreak Leader1,736,398
    Posted on 12 February 19 at 21:10Permalink
    Deleted all saves and got back to clearing the fifth area and the last easy puzzle. Both achievements popped.
  • Posted on 12 February 19 at 21:11Permalink
    Did you delete your saves in the game or on your Xbox/cloud completely?
  • Streak LeaderStreak Leader1,736,398
    Posted on 12 February 19 at 23:03Permalink
    Deleted ALL saves... Just played it start to finish in one sitting and everything popped.
  • Posted on 12 February 19 at 23:05Permalink
    I don’t have the ability (or desire) to play it all in one sitting but it’s good to know that there’s a workaround.
  • HILL5IZEHILL5IZE1,281,123
    Posted on 13 February 19 at 12:50Permalink
    No workaround! Like I wrote earlier I deleted my save (even from cloud) and played nonstop to where Expert level achievement should unlock and still nothing...
  • Posted on 13 February 19 at 13:29Permalink
    That really sucks. I guess we really do need a patch. I’ve contacted the dev and he made the publisher (who ported the game and apparently botched the achievements as well as the basic movement controls, in my opinion) aware of the issues. Hopefully we’ll see a patch soon.
  • CLARION 85CLARION 852,389,674
    Posted on 13 February 19 at 14:41Permalink
    same here

    i played yesterday the first 2 areas
    today i continued the game and it be sure to complete this game in one playthrough...

    i just replayed the levels from the day before ( first 2 areas ) and everything unlocked...

    thanks for the great walkthrough Drastic Ed xo
  • HILL5IZEHILL5IZE1,281,123
    Posted on 17 February 19 at 16:16Permalink
    So... any news on this?
  • Posted on 28 February 19 at 15:08Permalink
    Hey Everyone,

    I have the same situation with only 3 cheevos (Novice Plumber, Master Pipe Layer, New Island+) popping for me after completing everything in the game. Not been done in one playthrough, but it does seem that the unlock requirements for some of these cheevos are a bit off.

    I even saw a clip of someone getting the Expert Plumber cheevo having only done 3 of the expert puzzles!
  • Posted on 14 March 19 at 03:29Permalink
    Hey folks a little late to the show here (sorry)

    Based on feedback received on the guide I posted on YouTube. The achievements require a single run of the game (no breaks). This isn’t feasible if you’re going at it without a guide. We sent a note to digerati, as this issue doesn’t exist on steam

    Hopefully they patch it soon!
  • CarpeAdam79CarpeAdam79276,930
    Posted on 30 March 19 at 18:48Permalink
    Still no update on this huh?
  • KugareKugare1,912,116
    Posted on 20 May 19 at 17:54Permalink
    I had the same problem. I started the game and completed section 1 and stopped at section 2. The next day i completed section 2 and got no achievement. I completed the game and the achievements for beating all easy and normal level also don't unlock.

    I did the same as Clarion 85 and replayed section 1 and some levels of section 2. This unlocked all the other achievements. If you complete the game you land back to the start menu, but you can still continue and replay all the other levels. I think as long your xbox "keeps" your progress everything is fine, only shuting down your xbox is troublesome.

    So yeah... play this game in 1 playthrough and if you have the same problem replay the levels you already completed.
  • Necrophage33Necrophage331,083,659
    Posted on 24 May 19 at 18:56Permalink
    This sadly didn't work for me. I played through all of the first area in one sitting, didn't unlock the achievement, so I replayed all levels in the same sitting and still no achievement. I started a new save file, completed the first two areas this time. Area one achievement unlocked fine, but area two didn't. I just gave up after that. Everything I did was all in a single sitting. I'm just waiting for a patch, which will hopefully happen.
  • Posted on 15 June 19 at 08:36Permalink
    I’m glad I checked on this before I started this up. Is this still an ongoing issue? Does it include fact have to be all done in one sitting? If so, how long would that take? Really hate “forcing” myself through a game instead of playing at my leisure so to speak. Thanks for any and all help!toast
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