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Can’t complete Arab Spring as Cops.

Posted on 12 February 19 at 01:12
I’m getting my ass kicked trying to do the cop side for Arab Springs. Specifically the 4th mission with the camels. The map is so huge I literally lose my squads in the corners and can’t manage the area. Literally my only achievement I’m missing. Tried 5 times and wasted an hour. Definitely low on patience after having my wisdom teeth removed. Hit me up with some tips? I can’t even manage it on Too Easy. Mainly because I keep losing my guys and the area needed to push the rebels out is off of the map. Dm me on Xbox if you can. It’s easy to forget about true achievements threads.
II Loadsman
II Loadsman
Posted on 12 February 19 at 12:37
Battle of the Camel is easily the worst level in the game, it took me well over an hour to complete as well. After a while, I noticed that when you start, it seems that police are in control of the zone, but will quickly be overwhelmed by the rioters.

The method that I successfully used in the end is as follows: as soon as the level starts, hold cn_Y to swap the unit to peaceful, while also pushing cn_LSl. Once the unit is in peaceful mode, press cn_A to use your radio ability to cause all units to rush the cursor's location (which, as you are pushing left, will be on the left side of the screen and into the main part of the zone that you need to occupy). Keep pulling cn_RT to scroll through your units, giving these same orders to each of your units. Once they are all in peaceful mode, keep scrolling through, but this time press cn_down to put the units into line formation, as this stops rioters from breaking through the formation. Keep moving the units left until they are at the left edge of the screen. Now, you want to leave a few units at this edge in order to block the majority of rioters from re-entering the zone. Take one or two units of your choice and move them towards any groups of rioters that remain in the zone and push them out of the zone on the left side. I found that using the Charge ability with cn_X will move the police squad quickly and push the rioters out efficiently (note that this is a violent action, so use it sparingly if going for the Law and Order achievement). Once most of them are out, the zone should change to be in police control, and you will have to hold it for one minute. Because all of the squads are in a line on the left, the rioters should be prevented from re-entering, thus letting you win. I gave this method another go tonight to ensure that it worked and while it did take another couple of tries, I did succeed in the mission ( I also took a game clip and will probably edit it in once it has uploaded).

Hopefully this helps, any comments or feedback are welcome.
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