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Does anyone want to farm crowns?

  • Posted on 15 February 19 at 01:49Permalink
    Im only missing 3 monsters

    Kushala small

    Black diablos large

    Kirin small and large

    If you need and want to work together msg me on xbox

    GT robot ears 928
  • FrogDog001FrogDog001371,998
    Posted on 03 March 19 at 08:41Permalink
    I'm down to do some hunting every once in a while for those. Msg and add me.

    Frogdog001 is the GT
  • Viva VizionzViva Vizionz163,685
    Posted on 04 March 19 at 13:03Permalink
    Sure, thing. I'm not missing many more as well.
  • SgtPepper613SgtPepper613304,296
    Posted on 04 March 19 at 23:08Permalink
    I've been hunting for a large Kirin for a ridiculous amount of time and it is the last one I need, so I'm down to hunt at the same time and hopefully double our chances!
  • GuilhermeMTrGuilhermeMTr392,376
    Posted on 14 March 19 at 16:42Permalink
    Looking for the same monsters...

    B. Diablos Large
    Vaal Hazak Large
    Kirin Large

    How about we team up?
  • folds2008folds2008522,816
    Posted on 16 April 19 at 04:31Permalink
    I too am looking for a large Kirin, getting back into the game and hoping to finish!
  • Posted on 07 May 19 at 19:25Permalink
    I'm looking for the elder dragons. Anyone interested add me.
  • Low FaithLow Faith89,312
    Posted on 12 May 19 at 06:39Permalink
    If anyone is working on this, feel free to add me.
  • Posted on 26 September 19 at 11:49Permalink
    Hey everyone. If there are still people grinding for crowns , base game and Iceborne expansion ones, then feel free to hit me up on Xbox live. My GT is "Shadow of Words".

    With the Master Rank Gear, Low and High Rank farming goes by pretty quickly, and I am rocking a decent affinity Switch Axe build that slays.
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