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Crysis 2 dedication achievement

UKz Nugget Boii
Posted on 16 February 19 at 02:54
I started playing this game back in July of last year and I came back on the game in January and the achievement didn’t unlock any reason for why this is?

And how would I have to unlock it
Living Legends
Posted on 16 February 19 at 03:17
I tried the method described in a solution and it also didn't unlock. Speculation is that I transfer my GT data between multiple xboxes and possibly is the reason why it didn't pop. Everybody else popped it just fine. I had used a pal and jap box to play games after getting a match done in early December and the end of it.
Posted on 18 February 19 at 07:08
Ye I did this back in January as well (first time I played it was around July or August last year) and I got it just fine as did everyone else I played with,.....I quess the only thing you can do now is wait exactly a year and see if it pops even then....if not then Im afraid it has glitched for you for some reason for good...
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