Game Discussion: World Enduro Rally

A big tip for the best times.

  • adamrulzadamrulz378,071
    Posted on 17 February 19 at 23:05Permalink
    Other than practicing, most early tracks have a place to do a front flip... do one, and watch for the green time to go towards your stunt time (top left corner) pause before it adds the time and restart. You should start fresh with a free 10s stunt time so add to it. Second item is to always hold the B (stunt button) as you will stunt as often as possible. This is how I beat Australia... I had over 20s in round 1 and 2 with zero flips. It made this game easy as I didn’t have even a great run and still cleared it by 3 seconds. Good luck and let’s hope for a patch for the last 3 achievements!
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