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TA Playlist Game for March 2019 Announced

  • jbOblivionjbOblivion563,707
    Posted on 26 February 19 at 11:58Permalink
    Nice to see LA Noire selected; voted for it as I still need to complete the XB1 version (done 360). Slightly disappointed that its graphics has not really been upgraded, but facial animations & ambiance are still very impressive.

    Driving sections in missions (not all) can be skipped by letting your partner drive instead; press & hold Y.
    Posted on 26 February 19 at 14:48Permalink
    Aw, that's too bad. Not interested in this one.
  • zeldafanjtlzeldafanjtl160,780
    Posted on 26 February 19 at 18:16Permalink
    Playing the game now for the first time, I'm liking how they throw realism out the window. It was a little jarring at first because I knew this was a more serious game than Grand Theft Auto, but it makes sense when you realize that the unrealistic police behavior is just mirroring how they act in the kind of movies the game is inspired by.
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