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Bug in the "get to the point" achievement

  • SnideTheCrowSnideTheCrow104,418
    Posted on 27 February 19 at 09:39Permalink
    After reaching a certain point in the story you get a set of perks
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    if you use your points on this you can't get the achievement, that or the achievement its self is bugged for. Has anyone else had this experience?
  • Posted on 28 February 19 at 01:45, Edited on 28 February 19 at 01:48 by FightingMegaFooPermalink
    It's not glitched, it's just that the controller is poorly mapped. If you want to stab a guy with a bayonet after the perks, shoot the enforcer down to about 25% health, then go up to him and let him hit you once. After he hits you, press the button, and you should stab with the bayonet instead of activating the perks.
  • Smudgenat0rSmudgenat0r567,604
    Posted on 04 March 19 at 22:20Permalink
    Yeah not glitched you simply need to click cn_RS rather than hold it.
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