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Free Title "One Leaves" Mysteriously Appears

  • Posted on 08 March 19 at 10:13
    Watched the trailer on the website. Looks like one of those shitty source engine horror games you'd find on Steam greenlight. But hey, at least it's free.
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  • Dragonborn GearDragonborn Gear1,207,502
    Posted on 08 March 19 at 12:38
    Fanta Morgana said:
    I think the headline should be worded something along the lines of "announced" and not "appears" because that would suggest its already out.
    Agreed. When I first saw this article, I must have just skimmed over the title because I thought it was about a game called One was mysteriously leaving the store on Xbox and I had just missed the game entirely. I opened the article today seeing that there are now quotes around the title. I went straight to the comments, and I didn't even bother to read the article until I saw your comment... I think the title was unarguably pretty bad because the title suggests the game appears, which would make one think in the actual marketplace. To me the game hasn't appeared; marketing for the game has appeared. I hate how "journalists" make up catchy titles or change words to make them more "exciting" or "interesting".

    I would be much happier if every article was like 5-10 bullet points of summary information of what I need to know. I have no interest in reading a ton of fluff like opinion pieces. (Disclaimer: before someone bashes me for my opinions, I am not saying that TA should do away with anything or change the way they do things. I don't expect people to cater to me, and I will never understand why people jump on people's opinions when they disagree. I am just saying I don't need fluff; I like facts. Who knows... I might be in the minority on that.)
  • Cpt ElishaCpt Elisha227,753
    Posted on 08 March 19 at 16:12
    I'm just excited for the article title when this game is delisted.
    Free Title One Leaves Leaves
  • NetechmaNetechma307,587
    Posted on 09 March 19 at 04:50
    not sure if intentional bait or didn't want to use Italics or "" :o
  • IntensoFOXIntensoFOX85,630
    Posted on 11 August 19 at 17:55
    One leaves broken my mind! but i´m loved this game...
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