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The TrueAchievements Hangman Challenge – Statistics Roundup

Old Zengunner
Old Zengunner
Posted on 09 March 19 at 04:40
I'm also one of the 228. Mine was "Until I took an arrow in the knee." This was probably the most appropriate one for me, as Skyrim is one of my favourite games of all time.
Posted on 09 March 19 at 05:19
I knew what mine was just didnt feel like working on grindy achievements to finish it... (just how good are you)
Bastian Reader
Posted on 09 March 19 at 07:30
Slowly losing people who have completed all of the community challenges. Before the hangman challenge there were 241 gamers who had completed all 4 community events, now there are only 228
12 Days of Christmas Challenge 2018 Stats Roundup
Posted on 09 March 19 at 11:27
I did not finish. I got the "Look, an achievement for dying" quote.

I see that some of the others have 10-13 unique letters to guess. mine had 17—and most of them were not repeated, making it harder to guess. It seemed like almost every letter I guessed filled in only one blank space.

I did eventually figure it out, but ran into some problems:
- too many letters were still needed by the time I solved the mystery (I try to earn one achievement per day to stretch out my streak and enjoy the games longer),
- the games I was currently working on kept giving me repeat letters for a week or so,
- a couple of rare letters—including one that was not realistically attainable from my started games (only two achievements available for that letter—one requiring hundreds of hours of grinding and one unobtainable) ("started games" because I value my completion percentage and am still recovering from the Bean Dive!)

I had hoped, once I saw these problems, that I could give up on my phrase and get a new one, but... nope! The hub told me that if I cancelled my quote I would be out and would not get a new one.

Oh well. Maybe next time I'll get a better one! (And maybe we can switch phrases.) Despite my problems, this was an interesting little challenge.
Posted on 09 March 19 at 15:31
I really enjoyed this challenge!

I am also proud to say that I am one of the 228 that has completed all 6 challenges.

Looking forward to future events! smile
Luna Invictus4
Posted on 09 March 19 at 21:00
I wonder what the next challenge will be?
Russell LeCroy
Posted on 10 March 19 at 03:24
6 challenges?! Oh noes, I missed one somewhere. facepalm laugh
Posted on 10 March 19 at 20:52
It was definitely interesting and challenging going for a specific letter while being careful as to no accidentally unlock another letter that's not in the message. I managed to do mine without any misses but then again, I figured it out after about 5 hits.
Posted on 10 March 19 at 20:52
My phrase was “Look, an achievement for dying” kinda fitting for an achievement challenge thing.
ll Viper 61 ll
Posted on 11 March 19 at 07:04
I got Boy Kratos God of War. Only took me three hours on a Saturday. I am also one of the 228 that has completed all 6!!!
Posted on 11 March 19 at 19:30
BetaSigX20 said:
Hurler Ronan said:
{#}228 people have completed all six Challenges on TrueAchievements since we created the Challenges contests, starting with the Alphabet Challenge{#}.
Anyone know what all 6 are? I have 5/6 and am wondering which one I missed.

Fun contest. Once I realised mine was {#}praise the sun!{#} I had to finish it.
The one you're missing was from last year's UHH competition. It was for unlocking 10 achievements in a single UHH list, either in the main competition or the Just For Fun side of the event. I think a lot of people missed that one, because they didn't see that there was a community challenge included with the normal UHH event.
Thanks for this! I didn't realize there was one in UHH... Was trying to figure out the missing one as well.
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