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Battle Royale Details Leaked for Battlefield V

Stinky Big Buds
Posted on 09 March 19 at 22:55, Edited on 09 March 19 at 23:00 by Stinky Big Buds
Priit3 said:
Stinky Big Buds said:
Did you know there is aolready a BR mode in BFV? If you draw a Grand Operation after the final day it puts you into a BR type deciding game, it actually works well
The problem with this is that it is very rare to get to final day.
I have played it only once and then got raped by 15 enemies while being last one alive on my team.

I really hope there are new achievements for Firestorm or any other because main game 1k was too easy and short.
Yeah Grand operations are designed bad from the ground up anyway, it's only after about 2 hours play your likely to get the BR mode and by that time everyone's fed up and left.

Another thing about Grand Ops is you can spend an hour dominating the first 2 days and then it's all decided by a random game of conquest where anyone can join mid match, stupid. I've only played the BR once as well but I don't play Grand Operations much either.
I'm not expecting this BR to be any good really, BF doesn't suit BR at all but I thought the same about Black Ops and you never know.
Posted on 10 March 19 at 00:06
*lets out massive whale like moan of boredom*

Yay. More battle royale.
"Hey Guys! Look at my Gu-"
Posted on 10 March 19 at 03:55
"With Firestorm finally arriving to Battlefield V this month..."
Rofl! I was actually planning on getting the game pretty soon, but seeing as I was greeted in such a lovely manner, I might do it sooner rather than later! laugh
We're the bloody Ubersreik five!... Or four! Doesn't matter!
Posted on 10 March 19 at 08:14
VARNY said:
*lets out massive whale like moan of boredom*

Yay. More battle royale.
This should be in the history books of truth.
Posted on 10 March 19 at 22:44
keoskey said:
better not add achievements for this mode b/c i do not plan on touching this mode never liked the BR game's
Yeah, but EA for some reason loves to try and smother Respawn's games, so I doubt they care.
Fanta Morgana
Fanta Morgana
Posted on 11 March 19 at 00:17
SprinkyDink said:
Fanta Morgana said:
At this point if this gets any traction most likely cannibalize Apex, so how much does EA really have to gain here?
I think they’ll be very different. Firestorm will likely play a lot like PUBG, while Apex is extremely fast like Blackout on caffeine. I don’t speak for all genre fans but I know I make time for all the games in the genre I really like, which is four currently.
It wont even come close to apex. Apex is free. Battlefield 5 isnt. And in addition apex has 50 million players plus. Even if they lost a couple million thats just pocket change.
Maybe I'm reading the crowd around BR wrong, but I always got the impression that most people primarely play one of the big games. Most people don't seem to play a lot of games about an equal amount. Maybe I'm wrong. But as I see it for the games to make money, the investment into a title has to be kinda big, because you would only spend money on items, if you are quite invested.
I don't think that BF5 will be anywhere as big as Apex, however what I think might happen, that some of the players that will be getting invested in BF5 would otherwise play Apex. I think the Fortnite and PUBG players at this point are already invested, probably spend money and made significant progress in these games, so are less likely to switch over. However as Apex is quite new, the people are maybe not as invested as the other games players are in their respective games, therefore if BF5 manages to draw in the BR crowd, it would most likely pull players from Apex rather than the others, at which point it doesn't really matter for EA if people buy MTx in Apex or BF5.
Inspector 74
Inspector 74
Posted on 11 March 19 at 15:46
Thanks ile pass Battle Royale is just not how I roll, but I wish Respawn continued success with Apex I fuckin love respawn awesome studio
Posted on 11 March 19 at 15:48
VARNY said:
*lets out massive whale like moan of boredom*

Yay. More battle royale.
How are people like you still blind to the fact that it’s this generations “team deathmatch”? It’s nothing but the hot new multiplayer mode right now. The *yawn* you decided to direct at it could honestly be directed at the entire gaming industry so what exactly is your problem?
Posted on 11 March 19 at 16:28
Or1g1nal S1nn3r said:
The SCHWARTZ 00 said:
Please god no achievements. Fuck battle royale.
This. I don't want any achievements for finishing first in Battle Royale or something like that. I would be quite content if they never released BR to begin with.
i bought the game a while ago but have been waiting to see how this mode pans out before getting into it. i really don't want to play BR... no interest.
Shadow 00 Fox
Shadow 00 Fox
Posted on 12 March 19 at 05:30
I'll actually play BF5 again!! Yay! I'm looking forwards to a hopefully slightly more realistic BR!
Posted on 13 March 19 at 18:48
Tanks? Hell no
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